Average Cost for Tree Trimming in Bentwood

Tree Trimming Cost & Pricing: Factors that Go Into Pricing a Tree Removal or Trimming

One of the most common questions we get here at Tree Removal Arborist of El Dorado Hills is, “What is the average cost for tree trimming and tree removal?” Actually, the average cost to trim trees is variable.

It depends on many factors, including:

  • How many trees you have
  • How tall your trees are
  • How many branches need to be removed
  • Whether any additional circumstances are present such as power lines

Average Cost to Trim Trees

There is a certain cost for us to come out to trim your trees. Travel time and wear and tear on our equipment cost a certain amount. If you have us trim a lot of trees at one location, your average cost per tree will go down. On the other hand, if you call us out to trim just one tree, your average cost per tree will be higher (though your total cost will be lower) because we have to charge for the time it took to drive to your location. Where we typically see many trees is at commercial locations where they have 40-100 palm trees that need to be trimmed. If you are looking for commercial palm tree trimming contact us today, this is our specialty.

How Accessible Are your Trees?

The cost of trimming a tree also depends on how hard it is to get to the branches that need to be trimmed. If your trees are extremely tall, then we will need to climb in the tree to be able to trim it, or else use specialty equipment to be able to access the top branches. On the other hand, if the trees are fairly low and accessible.

How Dense are your Trees?

Naturally, the more branches we have to remove, the longer it will take to trim your tree. If you have a huge tree that has many branches, and all of them have a lot of twigs and branches that need to be removed, then your cost to trim the tree is going to be less than if you have a small tree that has been pruned well in the past and just needs to be shaped up again.

Any Additional Circumstances?

Finally, you need to consider whether you have any additional circumstances that will make the job harder. For example, if there are power lines present, we have to take special safety precautions to ensure that we are safe, you are safe, and your property is safe. Any circumstances like this that will make our job harder will also be factored into the cost.

Common Obstacles that typically have an increase in pricing

  • Swimming Pools
  • Structures Close
  • Power Lines
  • Commercial Roads
  • Pool House
  • Tree Hovering over Pond
  • Tree on a steep cliff
  • Any other obstacles

With all these different factors that affect the price of tree trimming, it might be overwhelming to think about what the cost might actually be. However, at Tree Removal Arborist of El Dorado Hills, we constantly strive to bring you low-cost, high-quality service. We set our prices to be extremely competitive in the area. You can count on getting a good deal at Tree Removal Arborist of El Dorado Hills!

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