Tree removal is not quite as easy and as simple as it sounds. It seems like you should just be able to take your chainsaw out, saw through the trunk of a tree, and watch it fall (Ta-Da!!!). When you have small trees whose trunks are just a few inches around, this is the case, we wish it was as easy as removing small pine tree every time.

But with larger, more established trees, that is actually an incredibly unsafe thing to try to do and professional tree removal service guide is highly recommended.

Tree Removal safety : Trees are heavy and tall

This may sound extremely obvious, but it is something that many people don’t think about when they are making plans to cut down a tree. Before you start a tree removal project, you need to ask yourself, “Where is this tree going to fall? Is there a spot where it would be a disaster if the tree fell there?” If the answer to the second question is “yes,” then stop right now and call an expert. You do not want to end up with a hole in the roof of your house because you thought you could handle cutting down a tree on your own.

It’s not just property that can be damaged when you try DIY tree removal. You can also be seriously injured or even killed. Remember, this is a massively heavy object that is going to be falling from a very tall height. If it falls in a different direction than you expected, it could easily fall on you.

Steps that we follow to ensure safety when cutting down trees 

Find where the tree is naturally going to want to fall

The first step in cutting down a tree safely is to find out where it is already leaning. It is going to want to fall in that direction. If it is acceptable for the tree to fall that way, that is the direction you should aim for. It will give you the most control over the fall. If the tree is leaning somewhere it should not fall – say, over a house – then you may want to use some equipment and tall ladders to fasten ropes high in the tree so you can pull it in the correct direction.

Cut a wedge perpendicular to the line you want the tree to fall in

The next step is to encourage the tree to fall in the correct direction by cutting a wedge-shaped piece on the side where you want the tree to fall. Think of it like this: if the tree were folding in on itself when it fell, you need the wedge to be placed to encourage it to fold on itself the right way.

Use wedges to prop up the tree while you saw from the other side 

As you move your chainsaw through the tree, it might be tempting to just saw straight through. The problem with this is that if the tree settles back down on the saw, you may get your chainsaw stuck. Prevent this by driving wedges into the tree on the side at you are sawing on. This will keep your saw free to move.

When the tree starts to fall, run

But don’t take your eye off of it. Keeping an eye on what direction the tree is falling, run in the other direction. Get behind the direction of the fall. That way, if it sways or turns, you will be able to get away.

Just have a professional do it

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Let Tree Removal Arborist of El Dorado Hills take care of your tree removal needs so that you can rest assured of the safety of yourself and your property!